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Monte Sant'Angelo (26 km far away)

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San Matteo Shrine (6,5 km far away)

Placed at the foot of Celano mount, in the past it was known as San Giovanni in Lamis Monastery. It was built by the Benedictines who created a powerful abbey in this religious centre… becontinued








Manfredonia (25 km far away)

It is a charming town on the gulf where you can visit the ancient cathedral, the Swabian Castle……to becontinued








Madonna Incoronata Shrine (40km far away)

The shrine is consecrated to the Black Virgin. It was built in the place where Father Pio wanted a chapel to be built… becontinued








Umbra Forest (40km far away)

It is placed in the heart of Gargano. 10426 hectare wide… becontinued








Cagnano Varano Lake (32km far away)

Placed on the Northern coast of Gargano, it is traditionally called “lake” but it is actually a lagoon……to becontinued









It is part of Gargano National Park and Gargano Consortium of Communes in Mountain Areas. It is a famous seaside resort becontinued









It is the most western town in the Gargano promontory, bounded by two long sandy beaches… becontinued








Vico Del Gargano

It was founded by the legendary hero Sueripolo in 970 b.C. The town was dominated by different people …to becontinued